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NDIS support

JewishCare’s team helps people with disabilities.

We are a registered NDIS provider.

We help people with disabilities and their families to get money to support them. 

NDIS support

NDIS helps people choose the help they need. NDIS also can pay for that help.

JewishCare has helped many people get NDIS funding. We also teach people how NDIS works.

We then help people ask for that help. When people are approved, we can then provide the help they need. 

Living by yourself 

JewishCare helps people with disabilities to live by themselves.

We can visit where they live to check on them. We also help by showing them who else can help them in their community.

Some of the things we help with are their budget, banking, and going to the doctor. JewishCare also helps with shopping, cooking, and meeting new people. 

Living with other people (supported living)

JewishCare has two houses where groups of people live together. We call this supported living.

There are always trained helpers available. Supported living helps people to live like other people do in shared houses. 

Supported Employment (Print35)

JewishCare has supported employment through Print35 Design Studio and workshop.

We make every employee feel at home and aim to improve each person’s feeling of self-worth.

Work for Print35

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